Creative process and graphic design

Graphic design is the art of expressing ideas and messages by combining graphic elements.

The 4 steps of graphic design

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Even before the graphic design, and in the first place, it is essential to get to know you. It is thus essential for me to understand your needs and the context of your activity. That's why, I exchange with you to understand your company, your brand, your positioning, your DNA. At the end of our first exchange, I start by studying the current trends in your sector. It is important for me to identify your targets, your objectives, your key messages, and your competitors.

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The second step is to generate ideas. From representation to prototype, I interpret your brand into creative concepts. Depending on the project and your specifications, I develop intermediate tools for creation such as: trend boards, mood boards, story boards. These elements allow you to explore the possibilities, and to participate in the creative process. This in order to validate the creative directions. I generally propose two or three basic concepts.

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Once the creative direction has been validated, the design stage arrives. It is at this level that I put in shape the graphic universe and its specific declension. Transforming ideas into words and images. To conceive original graphic creations according to the chosen support, the context of diffusion and the targets. To convey the right positioning with a design adapted to your communication strategy. During this stage, we refine the project together, both in terms of form and content.

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Finally, the final phase of the project, i.e. producing the final tools, in accordance with their technical specifications. To deliver operational and "turnkey" products. Your marketing strategy can now be deployed on all the chosen distribution platforms.

Graphic design at the service of your strategy

I offer you a graphic design service, on demand, tailor-made, which allows me to adapt to any type of project. Whatever the type of your structure, your activity and your sector, I answer your needs of outsourcing for your marketing and communication projects. Whether it is to develop your business, generate leads, increase your digital performance, gain visibility or develop your notoriety, I am at your disposal to create the best vectors for your messages.

Parce qu’une communication efficace combine le choix des mots et le design graphique. Et également parce que mes compétences ne se limitent pas aux images, mais concernent aussi les mots. Je vous accompagne ainsi dans le processus de Conception-Rédaction. J’interviens en écriture sur tous vos contenus et supports publicitaires. Je vous seconde sur les aspects rédactionnels, en fonction de vos besoins, afin élaborer des contenus à forte valeur ajoutée. Tels que : Naming, accroches, slogans publicitaires, rédaction de contenus web, rédaction SEO…


  • Two decades of graphic design practice.
  • A network of service providers to enrich my offer
  • User experience oriented UX and brand experience.
  • Mastery of editorial and SEO techniques.
  • Up-to-date technological and technical knowledge.
  • Strong business experience and marketing and communication ecosystem.
  • Bilingual English: content in French or English.